Sometimes attending training classes might not be convenient for you or you are experiencing a particular behaviour problem with your dog and would like a behaviour consultation.  I can offer you either a one to one session in your own home or a behaviour consultation in your own home.

One to one Training

You may want advice about your new puppy just after it has arrived in its own home such as toilet training, or you may want a ‘one off’, or a course of lessons in your home.  I can offer a training course in the comfort of your home that is designed to suit you and your dog.  I will help you to understand your dog and show you how to obtain a trained happy dog that will be a delight to take anywhere with you.

Behaviour Consultation

From time to time we can experience behaviour problems with our dog whether it is a puppy, older dog or a rescue dog.  I can visit you in your home to assess the dog in its own environment and observe its behaviour as there may be more than one reason why the dog is using this behaviour. 

I would discuss with you your aims and whether they are achievable.  A suitable programme would be devised to assist you to overcome the problem and to help build a bond between you and your dog.

To support this programme I will give you information sheets and be available for further consultation or just to answer any questions that may arise.  I do work on vets’ recommendations, however, if you have not been advised to contact me through your vet I would suggest you  inform them that you are seeking behaviour advice.  A report can be provided for your vet. 

Television programmes have led us to believe that there is a ‘quick fix to behaviour problems, however, some problems do require a follow up session but that is entirely up to you.

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