Classes are designed to suit a variety of levels from those owners who want to obtain the ability to train their dog to learn basic exercises, to those who wish to train their dog to accomplish a variety of skills.  Fun and easy methods of training are available.  Classes are limited to small numbers to allow owners to receive individual attention.   Owners can, if they want, work towards various awards including Kennel Club Good Citizen.

Starter Classes

Puppies need to learn to socialise and gain basic skills at an early age.  The Starter Class caters for dogs of all ages.  During this six week course you will learn the skills to train your dog basic exercises such as sit, down, walk on a loose lead, to come to you when called off lead and to be able to leave something they want to either chase or should not have.


These are for dogs who have already established the basic exercises and wish to improve these skills.  Fun exercises are also introduced like indoor agility, flyball, Treiball and tricks.


These classes are designed for those who wish to continue to improve and advance the skills they have already learnt in Improvers

Fun Agility Classes

Agility can be very therapeutic for dogs who seem to have lots of pent up energy and is an excellent way to build a strong bond with your dog.  The classes have been designed for dogs and owners to enjoy this sport in a fun way.  There are three classes to suit the capabilities of the dog and owner.

  • Puppy Classes
  • Adult dog Classes
  • Fun Agility
  • Gun Dog Training
  • One to one training
  • Advice on choosing a dog
  • Fun Fly Ball
  • Sales of quality dog equipment
  • Advice on Pet Nutrition

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